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Buying a hot tub just the first step

Posted on Wednesday June 20, 2012
Hot tubs remain popular even though a growing number of people loathe the huge things that take up so much room on decks and in spa rooms across the nation. One thing probably every hot tub fan hates is installing a hot tub. Read more »

Fixes for the hazards of radon

Posted on Monday June 11, 2012
Radon gets into homes through basement floors and cracks in the foundation, sumps, pipes, windows. It is found in unacceptable amounts in a considerable number of homes. Read more »

Making sure indoor air is clean

Posted on Wednesday February 1, 2012
Indoor air quality is vital to the health of the family so when was the last time you thought about the nature of the stuff we breathe through much of our days and nights? Read more »

Moving in: make sure the home is shockproof

Posted on Friday November 25, 2011
If you are moving into an older home, pay special attention to the electrical system in the home to ensure it is safe for your family. In some cases, older homes contain hazardous electrical components that should be updated as soon as possible. Read more »

Beware of drying paint

Posted on Friday November 25, 2011
As traditional paint dries, it emits potentially harmful vapors. This can last over several days before the paint sets and becomes entirely safe Read more »

Eco-friendly rooms for living sustainably

Posted on Friday November 25, 2011
Moving into a new home gives the homeowner unique chances to create eco-friendly zones for the family; one of the best places for sustainable living is the living or family room. Read more »