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Home Builders

Thinking architecture? Think architect

Posted on Tuesday July 3, 2012
Thinking of building or renovating a home, think about hiring an architect first. Read more »

Buying a hot tub just the first step

Posted on Wednesday June 20, 2012
Hot tubs remain popular even though a growing number of people loathe the huge things that take up so much room on decks and in spa rooms across the nation. One thing probably every hot tub fan hates is installing a hot tub. Read more »

tool up with innovations

Posted on Sunday June 17, 2012
Tools – what man and a lot of handywomen could resist an addition to the toolbox, especially when it’s an innovative piece of reno hardware? Read more »

Resurfacing your driveway

Posted on Tuesday June 12, 2012
If your driveway is cracked or holes have opened up, it is beyond a simple fix and requires repaving. Water will enter the cracks and crevices and quickly erode the rest of the drive posing hazards for vehicles and making the property unsightly. Read more »

What's a cottage worth to you?

Posted on Tuesday June 12, 2012
How much would you sacrifice to own a cottage? Some surveys have asked this question and the answers are fascinating. Read more »

Fixes for the hazards of radon

Posted on Monday June 11, 2012
Radon gets into homes through basement floors and cracks in the foundation, sumps, pipes, windows. It is found in unacceptable amounts in a considerable number of homes. Read more »

Smart Home: it's coming slowly but surely

Posted on Thursday June 7, 2012
Remote, automatic and interactive features have been making their ways into high-end homes for a decade or more while most of us have to put up with old-fashioned coffee pots that don’t even communicate with the security system. Eventually, however, all of us will take these things for granted. Read more »

Confused by condo layouts?

Posted on Wednesday May 23, 2012
Condo buyers are often mystified by the layouts of units they may buy. While most of us might think we are in the wrong, the truth is developers don’t always get it right. Read more »

Puddles in the yard, start worrying

Posted on Monday April 23, 2012
If you are shopping for a new home in the spring, watch for puddles in the yard. Silly advice when all you are interested in is the inside of the house? Not if you know how much it costs to regrade a property or repair a flooded basement. Read more »

Renovation Tips: size matters

Posted on Saturday April 14, 2012
Many people err by making doorways or windows too small or fail to plan lighting well when they renovate. Read more »

The right product

Posted on Saturday April 14, 2012
Many DIY aficionados still choose the wrong materials for their homes. Paint is a very good example. Read more »

Finish may finish the budget

Posted on Sunday March 25, 2012
Having a one-off finish and staying within budget are very hard things to accomplish together. Read more »